Thanks to the Focus on Vision Foundation, and FocusSpec

“There have been different types of sunglass styles getting popular each and every year, but the only category of sunglasses that are popular right from the start of sunglasses production until now, for more then 70 years is the Aviator type. Buying glasses can actually be a lot of fun—trying on frames is like having a mini-fashion show for your face. If Lindsay Lohan is wearing Ksubi sunglasses, suddenly teens and tweens and their older sisters and mothers are aware of the brand and mark them as a must have accessory for their wardrobe.”

“You can easily choose from a large assortment ranging from polarized sunglasses, sports sunglasses, vintage sunglasses and novelty sunglasses in different styles and colours. Ray Ban has relied on photographs of celebrities to promote their eyewear throughout the years.”

“Made in Italy, the $135 sunglasses come in three basic styles: Classic 101 (similar to Ray-Ban Wayfarers), Classic 201 (large and round), and Classic 301 (similar to aviators). So to help you with your decision, be sure to try on as many as pairs as you can by going to your local sunglasses store.”

“With an oblong face shape, your main goal is to make your face look a bit wider and longer than it normally is. There are several ways to do this, but the best way is to wear round or square shaped sunglasses. These sunglasses are mostly made from first-rate materials and provide excellent shield against the harmful UV rays.”

“But thanks to the Focus on Vision Foundation, and FocusSpecs, their patented corrective eye glasses with adjustable focus lenses, Lucresia could see clearly again within seconds of putting them on, and at an industry defying retail cost of NAD$160 a pair – which is $US10.”

“Ed Hardy glasses are the rage right now (and certainly unique and sweet-licious)Whether you are looking to buy a pair of Bolle sunglasses, a super hot pair of vintage Revo sunglasses, some slick aviators, or you want to make sure you grab the best vintage Ed Hardy sunglasses; this guide is your source for the hottest designer sunglasses for sale on the market.”

fake ray ban shades have been popular for many years, especially as they continue to appear in Hollywood movies. Counterfeits like these Oakleys may not provide the proper protection against ultraviolet rays and also may not be impact resistant which could expose the wearer to eye injuries.”

“Due to the prominence and rather high cost of authentic Ray-Ban shades, you will also discover several fakes sold in the market. Selling counterfeit products has become common practice where people flock in person at flea markets, college campuses, salons, libraries, swap meets, and at “”private homes parties”” where the dealer shows you their products.”

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