You probably have a few items that will carry over

“Winter surprisingly is the best time for being fashionable. Boyd, who has a fashion blog called Style Crone and is working on a line of headwraps called HeadPeace by Style Crone, recently paired a vintage kimono jacket with a pair of cropped, skinny jeans she got several years ago at a Buffalo Exchange used-clothing store.”

“It’s a look we can’t forget, though we may want to. John Travolta danced his way into our hearts in 1977’s Saturday Night Fever, and for a time, disco dance halls everywhere were crawling with men in white suits with silk shirts unbuttoned to mid-chest, gold chains and fashionable loafers.”

“Black skirt with leopard scarf shows good taste in street Cheap nike air max 90. For example, breezy dresses with assortments of red, blue and white flowers are a popular choice. If you source wholesale jewellery or clothing, make sure that your supplier keeps up with the trends too.”

“But in the meantime, don’t be surprised if you find yourself spotting Instagram-style faces on fashionistas’ wrists very soon. With a new year comes new decorating patterns, stylish, timeless pieces to fresh takes on old styles. Business suits came in a wide variety of colors but it was generally more popular to wear dark colors, such as black or navy, or light colors, such as light green, blue or pink.”

“And as fashion seems cyclic, we can be bold enough to don unique styles from any era. You’ll even find an active blog covering lifestyle trends including fashion, music, cooking, and even green living. Yes, one of the most popular color trends for coats this Winter is white.”

“This week at MAGIC , the semiannual fashion trade show in Las Vegas, I soaked up the latest in men’s and women’s lifestyle and apparel trends, color trends, and much, much more. New and more sophisticated tailoring added new cuts and styles of clothing and headgear.”

“You probably have a few items that will carry over from your winter wardrobe, but if you’re in need of some new spring style inspo, we’ve got some spring 2018 trends to look out for. Designers persistently keep renovating the fashion styles and come up with varied designs every now and then and so does the trends in fashion markets too.”



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